100th Running of the Indianapolis 500, 5.29.16Baseball – Brownstown Central at Corydon Central, 5.5.16Baseball – Cedarville at Kentucky Wesleyan College, 5.7.16Baseball – Corydon Central at Borden, 4.4.16Baseball – Corydon Central at South Central, 4.16.16Baseball – Corydon Central vs. Charlestown, 5.27.16Baseball – Crawford County vs. Perry Central, 4.14.16Baseball – Crothersville at Lanesville, 5.19.16Baseball – Floyd Central vs. Jennings County, 5.25.16Baseball – Lanesville at South Central, 4.12.16Baseball – Lanesville vs. Borden, 5.30.16Baseball – Lanesville vs. Christian Academy of Indiana, 5.28.16Baseball – Lanesville vs. Clay City, 6.11.16Baseball – Lanesville vs. Daleville, 6.18.16Baseball – Lanesville vs. Northeast Dubois, 6.4.16Baseball – Lanesville vs. Trinity Lutheran, 6.4.16Baseball – North Harrison at Corydon Central, 4.22.16Baseball – North Harrison vs. Charlestown, 4.18.16Baseball – North Harrison vs. Silver Creek, 5.27.16Baseball – South Central vs. Borden, 5.28.16Baseball – Corydon Central vs. Silver Creek, 5.30.16Baseball – Crawford County at Corydon Central, 5.13.16Baseball – Crawford County at Lanesville, 4.10.16Baseball – South Central at Corydon Central, 5.13.16Baseball - Crawford County vs. Lanesville, 4.7.16Baseball - Crawford County vs. North Harrison4, 4.13.16Baseball - Floyd Central vs. Tell City, 4.1.16Baseball - North Harrison vs. Floyd Central, 4.15.16Baseball - North Harrison vs. Jeffersonville - 4.26.16Basketball – Indiana vs. Kentucky All-Stars, 6.12.16Ben Woodward, Lannis Buck sign with Franklin College, 4.29.16Boys' Golf – Fuzzy Zoeller Invitational, 4.2.16Boys' Golf – Providence Regional at Champions Pointe, 6.9.16Boys' Golf – Providence Sectional at Covered Bridge, 6.6.16Boys' Golf – Mid-Southern Conference Meet, 5.14.16Boys' State Track Finals, 6.4.16Boys' Track Sectional, 5.19.16Carlie Burson signs, 4.19.16Chad Johnson wheelchair race training, 6.30.16Churchill Downs – Backside for Kentucky Derby 142, 5.2.16Floyd Central - Softball Regional, 5.31.16Floyd Central Four-way Track Meet, 4.19.16Girls' State Track Finals, 6.3.16Girls' Tennis – Clarksville at South Central, 4.12.16Girls' Tennis – Corydon Central vs. Lanesville, 5.18.16Girls' Tennis – Floyd Central at North Harrison, 4.28.16Girls' Tennis – North Harrison vs. Floyd Central, 5.20.16Girls' Tennis – Scottsburg at North Harrison, 4.5.16Girls' Tennis – South Central at Lanesville, 5.12.16Girls' Track and Field – Mid-Southern Conference Meet, 5.11.16Girls' Track Regional, 5.24.16Girls' Track Sectional, 5.17.16Golf – Old Capital Invitational, 6.12.16Golf — Bud Bennett Invitational 4.23.16Grand Prix of Indy, 5.14.16Jourdan McAfee signs, 4.19.16Kaitlyn Butler signs, 4.6.16Lanesville Baseball Celebration, 6.20.16Men's Golf – Oakland City University at Old Capital Golf Club, 4.12.16PLAC Golf Match, 5.30.16PLAC Track Meet, 5.6.16Softball – Borden at Lanesville, 4.19.16Softball – Clarksville at Crawford County, 4.7.16Softball – Corydon Central at Charlestown, 4.7.16Softball – Corydon Central vs. Salem, 5.24.16Softball – Lanesville at North Harrison, 5.2.16Softball – Lanesville vs. Borden, 5.28.16Softball – Lanesville vs. South Central, 5.23.16Softball – Silver Creek at North Harrison, 4.28.16Softball – South Central at Lanesville, 4.14.16Softball – Corydon Central at Providence, 4.20.16Softball – North Harrison vs. Brownstown Central, 5.23.16Softball – Salem at Corydon Central, 5.5.16Softball  - North Harrison vs. Charlestown, 5.17.16Softball - Crawford County vs West Washington, 4.25,16Softball - Crawford County vs. Corydon Central, 4.18.16Softball - Floyd Central vs. Central Hardin, 5.3.16Softball - Floyd Central vs. Jasper, 5.16.16Softball - Floyd Central vs. New Albany, 4.12.16Softball - North Harrison vs. Corydon Central, 4.14.16Softball - North Harrison vs. Silver Creek 4.28.16Swimming – Hammerheads at Seahawks, 6.20.16Track and Field – Lanesville Meet, 4.14.16Track and Field – North Harrison Invitational, 4.29.16Track and Field – Southern Athletic Conference (SAC) Meet, 5.11.16 & 5.13.16Track and Field – Stargazer Invitational, 4.8.16Trey Kuerzi signs with Hanover College, 5.4.16Unified Track and Field – Salem at North Harrison, 5.16.16