Baseball – South Central at Charlestown, 4.2.18Chase Burton at Ball State football pro day, 4.4.18Samantha Fell signs, 4.5.18Baseball - Crawford County vs. Lanesville - 4.5.18Baseball – Henryville at Corydon Central, 4.6.18Track and FIeld – Stargazer Invitational, 4.6.18Girls' Tennis – North Harrison at Corydon Central, 4.10.18Baseball – Lanesville at South Central, 4.10.18Baseball - Crawford County vs. North Harrison - 4.11.18Brianna Medcalf signs, 4.12.18Kaleigh and Sydney Oskin sign, 4.12.18Softball – Corydon Central at North Harrison, 4.12.18Softball - Crawford County vs. Cannelton - 4.12.18Softball – Henryville at South Central, 4.13.18Baseball – Corydon Central at South Central, 4.13.18Kohana Wilks signs, 4.16.18Softball – Borden at Lanesville, 4.17.18Baseball - Floyd Central vs. Jennings County - 4.17.18Baseball – Corydon Central at Lanesville, 4.17.18Softball - Floyd Central vs. Madison - 4.18.18Hallie Hinton signs, 4.19.18FHCY Challenger Ball, 4.19.18Baseball - Crawford County vs. Providence - 4.19.18Baseball – North Harrison at Corydon Central, 4.19.18Softball – Jeffersonville at Corydon Central, 4.20.18Baseball - Crawford County vs. Paoli - 4.24.18Softball – Corydon Central at Lanesville, 4.25.18Girls' Tennis – South Central at Lanesville, 4.25.18Baseball – Lanesville at Henryville, 4.26.18Softball - North Harrison vs. Silver Creek - 4.26.18Track and Field – North Harrison Invitational, 4.27.18Boys' Golf - Crawford County, Perry Central and Tell City — 5.1.18Baseball – South Central at Clarksville, 5.2.18Softball – Salem at Corydon Central, 5.3.18Track - Patoka Lake Athletic Conference - 5.4.18Girls' Tennis – New Washington at South Central, 5.7.18Softball – Cannelton at South Central, 5.7.18Track and Field – Girls' Mid-Southern Conference Meet, 5.8.18Softball - North Harrison vs. Eastern - 5.8.18Softball – West Washington at Lanesville, 5.10.18Boys' Golf – Mid-Southern Conference Meet, 5.12.18Jackson Pullen signs, 5.15.18Track and Field - Girls' Sectional, 5.15.18Baseball – Borden at North Harrison, 5.16.18Girls' Tennis – South Central vs Borden, 5.17.18Track and Field - Boys' Sectional, 5.17.18Girls' Tennis – South Central vs. Silver Creek, 5.18.18Softball – Corydon Central vs. Charlestown, 5.21.18Track and Field - Girls' Regional, 5.22.18Softball – Lanesville vs. Shawe Memorial, 5.22.18Baseball – North Harrison vs. Scottsburg, 5.23.18Baseball – Corydon Central vs. Brownstown Central, 5.23.18Riley Cook signs, 5.24.18Softball – Lanesville vs. South Central, 5.24.18Track and Field - Boys' Regional,  5.24.18Baseball – North Harrison vs. Brownstown Central, 5.25.18Baseball – Lanesville vs. Eastern Pekin, 5.26.18Baseball – South Central vs. Borden, 5.28.18Softball – Corydon Central vs. Franklin County, 5.29.18Katie Alexander signs, 5.30.18Softball – Lanesville vs. North Daviess, 6.2.18Softball – Corydon Central vs. Jasper, 6.2.18Softball – Lanesville vs. North Central, 6.2.18Softball – Corydon Central vs. New Palestine, 6.2.18Boys' Golf – Providence Sectional, 6.4.18Basketball – Indiana Junior-Senior All-star Game, 6.6.18Boys' Golf – Providence Regional, 6.7.18Golf – Old Capital Invitational, 6.9.18Boys' Golf – IHSAA State final day 1, 6.12.18Boys' Golf – State Finals, 6.13.18Golf – Timothy Wiseman at the U.S. Open, 6.13 - 6.15.18Redeem The Dream girls' basketball camp, 6.18.18Harrison County Fair Harness Racing (Thursday), 6.21.18Harrison County Fair Harness Racing (Friday), 6.22.18Swimming – Sharks at Hammerheads, 6.28.18