Baseball -- Corydon Central Vs Brownstown Central 5.5.22Baseball -- Corydon Central Vs North Harrison 4.21.22Baseball -- Corydon Central Vs Southridge 5.4.22Baseball -- Floyd Central Vs Madison Consolidated 4.12.22Baseball -- Lanesville Vs Corydon Central 4.19.22Baseball -- Lanesville Vs Crawford County 4.7.22Baseball -- Lanesville Vs Orleans 4.4.22Baseball -- North Harrison Vs Austin 5.12.22Baseball -- North Harrison Vs Lanesville 5.7.22Baseball -- South Central Vs Corydon Central 4.15.22Baseball -- South Central Vs Crawford County 4.20.22Baseball -- South Central Vs Lanesville 4.12.22Baseball -- South Central Vs North Harrison 5.11.22Baseball 1A Sectional @ Lanesville -- Lanesville Vs Orleans 5.30.22Baseball 1A Sectional @ Lanesville -- South Central Vs Borden 5.30.22Baseball 1A Sectional Championship @ Lanesville -- Lanesville Vs Borden 5.30.22Baseball 2A Sectional @ Providence -- Crawford County Vs Austin 5.28.22Boys' Golf -- Borden, Corydon Central, North Harrison, South Central Four-Way Meet @ Old Capital 4.7.22Boys' Golf -- Bud Bennet Memorial Invitational 4.23.22Boys' Golf -- Fuzzy Zoeller Invitational 4.2.22Boys' Golf -- MSC Tournament @ Wooded View Golf Course 5.14.22Boys' Golf -- PLAC Tournament @ Donald Ross Golf Course 5.30.22Boys' Golf -- SAC Tournament @ Champion's Pointe 5.21.22Boys' Golf Regional @ Champions Pointe Golf Club 6.9.22Boys' Golf Sectional @ Covered Bridge Golf Club 6.6.22Boys' Volleyball -- Floyd Central Vs New Albany 5.3.22Boys' Volleyball -- Floyd Central Vs Trinity 4.13.22College Signings -- Aslynn Tracy 5.17.22College Signings -- Cole Hergenrather 5.10.22College Signings -- David Sieg 4.11.22College Signings -- Ivy Smith 4.29.22Crawford County Little League Opening Day 4.23.22Girls' Tennis -- Corydon Central Vs Crawford County 5.10.22Girls' Tennis -- Corydon Central Vs North Harrison 4.12.22Girls' Tennis -- Lanesvile Vs South Central 4.27.22Girls' Tennis -- Lanesville Vs Corydon Central 4.19.22Girls' Tennis -- Lanesville Vs North Harrison 4.4.22Girls' Tennis -- North Harrison Vs Crawford County 4.24.22Girls' Tennis -- North Harrison Vs Floyd Central 4.28.22Girls' Tennis -- South Central Vs Crawford County 5.2.22Girls' Tennis -- South Central Vs North Harrison 4.20.22Girls' Tennis Regional @ Silver Creek -- Floyd Central Vs New Albany 5.24.22HBCA All-Star Games @ Barr-Reeve 4.3.22Softball -- Corydon Central Vs Salem 5.5.22Softball -- Corydon Central Vs Springs Valley 5.16.22Softball -- Crawford County Vs Cannelton 4.14.22Softball -- Crawford County Vs Perry Central 5.9.22Softball -- Crawford County Vs Rock Creek 4.14.22Softball -- Floyd Central Vs Jennings County 5.11.22Softball -- Floyd Central Vs Lanesville 5.16.22Softball -- Lanesville Vs Corydon Central 4.27.22Softball -- Lanesville Vs Orleans 4.8.22Softball -- North Harrison Vs Charlestown 4.12.22Softball -- North Harrison Vs Corydon Central 4.14.22Softball -- North Harrison Vs Crawford County 5.17.22Softball -- South Central Vs Cannelton 5.9.22Softball -- South Central vs Corydon Central 5.2.22Softball -- South Central Vs Henryville 4.15.22Softball -- South Central Vs North Harrison 4.20.22Softball 1A Sectional @ West Washington -- Lanesville Vs Orleans 5.23.22Softball 2A Sectional @ Mitchell -- Crawford County Vs Providence 5.23.22Softball 3A Regional @ Corydon Central -- Corydon Central Vs Franklin County 5.31.22Softball 3A Sectional @ Corydon Central -- Corydon Central Vs North Harrison 5.23.22Softball 3A Sectional @ Corydon Central -- Corydon Central Vs Silver Creek 5.27.22Softball 3A Sectional Championship @ Corydon Central -- Corydon Central Vs Charlestown 5.28.22Softball 3A Semistate @ Brown County -- Corydon Central Vs Indianapolis Cathedral 6.4.22Softball 3A Semistate Championship @ Brown County -- Corydon Central Vs Tri-West Hendricks 6.4.22Swimming -- Hammerheads Vs Sharks 6.23.22Track and Field -- Boys' Regional @ Evansville Central 5.26.22Track and Field -- Boys' Sectional @ Floyd Central 5.19.22Track and Field -- Boys' State Finals @ Indiana University 6.4.22Track and Field -- Girls' Regional at Evansville Central 5.24.22Track and Field -- Girls' sectional @ Corydon Central 5.17.22Track and Field -- Girls' State Finals @ Indiana University 6.3.22Track and Field -- MSC Girls' Meet @ Corydon Central 5.10.22Track and Field -- North Harrison Invitational 4.29.22Track and Field -- PLAC Meet 5.6.22Track and Field -- SAC Meet Day 2 @ Borden 5.12.22Track and Field -- Stargazer @ Corydon Central 4.8.22Unified Track and Field -- Crawford County @ Paoli 5.10.22Unified Track and Field -- North Harrison Vs Corydon Central 5.4.22Unified Track and Field -- State Finals @ Indiana University 6.4.22