Girls' Basketball – Eastern Pekin at Corydon Central, 1.3.19Girls’ Basketball - North Harrison vs. Providence - 1.3.19Boys' Basketball – South Central at Lanesville, 1.4.19Boys’ Basketball - Crawford County vs. Springs Valley - 1.4.19Wrestling – Old Capital Classic, 1.5.19Girls' Basketball – Lanesville at South Central, 1.8.19Girls’ Basketball - Crawford County vs. West Washington - 1.10.19Girls' Basketball – North Harrison at Austin, 1.10.19Boys’ Basketball - Crawford County vs. Orleans - 1.11.19Boys' Basketball – Corydon Central at Clarksville, 1.12.19Girls’ Basketball - Floyd Central vs. Bedford North Lawrence - 1.14.19Girls' Basketball – Corydon Central at North Harrison, 1.15.19Swimming – Girls' Mid-Southern Conference Meet, 1.16.19Wrestling – Mid-Southern Conference Meet, 1.17.19Boys' Basketball – Crothersville at South Central, 1.18.19Girls' Basketball – New Washington at South Central, 1.19.19Girls’ Basketball - Crawford County vs. Paoli - 1.19.19Girls' Basketball – Madison at North Harrison, 1.22.19Girls' Basketball – South Central at Silver Creek, 1.23.19Swimming – Boys' Mid-Southern Conference Meet, 1.24.19Girls’ Basketball - Floyd Central vs. Providence - 1.24.19Girls' Basketball – Crawford County at Corydon Central, 1.24.19Girls’ Basketball - Crawford County vs. Perry Central - 1.25.19Boys' Basketball – Paoli at Corydon Central, 1.25.19Wrestling – Jeffersonville Sectional, 1.26.19Boys’ Basketball - North Harrison vs. Madison - 1.26.19Girls' Basketball – Corydon Central vs. Salem, 1.29.19Corydon Wrestling Club, 1.31.19Boys' Basketball – Austin at Corydon Central, 1.31.19Boys Basketball: North Harrison vs. Charlestown, 1.31.19Girls' Basketball – Lanesville vs. New Washington, 2.1.19Girls' Basketball – Lanesville vs. Borden, 2.2.19Girls' basketball sectional -- North Harrison vs. Bedford N.L., 2.2.19Girls' Swimming – Floyd Central Sectional, 2.2.19Boys' Basketball – North Harrison at New Albany, 2.5.19Grace Carver signs with Indiana University Southeast, 2.7.19Boy's Basketball – New Washington at Lanesville, 2.8.19Boys’ Basketball - Crawford County vs. North Harrison - 2.8.19Girls' Basketball – Lanesville vs. Vincennes Rivet, 2.9.19Girls' Swimming – IHSAA State Finals, 2.9.19Emily Callam signs with Marietta College, 2.12.19Boys' Basketball – North Harrison at Clarksville, 2.12.19Boys' Swimming – Floyd Central Sectional, 2.14.19Boys' Basketball – New Washington at South Central, 2.15.19Boys' Basketball – South Central at Corydon Central, 2.19.19Boys’ Basketball - North Harrison vs. Salem - 2.21.19Boys' Basketball – Clarksville at Lanesville, 2.21.19Boys' Basketball – South Central vs. Rock Creek Academy, 2.26.19Boys' Basketball – Corydon Central vs. North Harrison, 2.27.19Boys' Basketball — Corydon Central vs. Salem, 3.1.19Lynsey Butler signs with Brescia University, 3.1.19Boys' Basketball – Lanesville vs. South Central, 3.1.19Boys' Basketball — Corydon Central vs. Silver Creek, 3.2.19Boys' Basketball – Lanesville vs. Christian Academy of Indiana, 3.2.19Boys' Basketball – Lanesville vs. West Washington, 3.9.19Boys' Basketball – Lanesville vs. Barr-Reeve, 3.9.19Noah Windell signs with Hanover College, 3.13.19Justin Deatrick signs with Central Methodist University (Mo.), 3.15.19Softball – Silver Creek at Corydon Central, 3.18.19Softball – Providence at Lanesville, 3.26.19